BISS Ch. Pequest Solomon Grundy




Salilyn's Social Status

BIS Ch. Briarcourt's Damien Gable SOD

BIS Ch. Briarcourt's Coral Gable
Ch. Briarcourt's Rule Britannia
Ch. Mahjong Marvina Gable

Briarcourt's Cristle Collage
Ch. St Aubrey Yu Tong of Elsdon
Briarcourt's Waltz'g Matilda

Ch. Pequest Social Butterfly
Ch. Kings Court Social Lion Ch. Ai Kou Chances Are SOD
Ch. Cambalu Kings Court Mandoline

Ch. Pequest Kuanyin
BIS Ch. Briarcourt's Damien Gable SOD
Claymore Wedding Belle




Hartsleap Isabella

Ch. Wun Chun Donatello

Ch. Knolland Red Rover Ch. Wendessa Crown Prince
Knolland Dragonetta

Cambalu Quennie Bee
St Aubrey Bumbee Of Elsdon
Cambalu Miss Scarlett

Lotusgrange Rosabelle

Eng. Ch. Tenling Golden Arrow of Pekehuis Int. Ch. Rodari Orient Express
Pekein Tula Shana At Pekehuis

Lotusgrange Rose Linda
Play It Again of Lotusgrange
Lotusgrange White Lady