Ch. Pequest Pucci





BIS Ch. Pequest Match Point

Eng & BIS Am Ch. Yakee If Only

BIS Eng. Ch. Yakee A Dangerous Liaison
Eng. Ch. Tenling Golden Arrow Of Pekehuis ROM
Shantallah Night Fever At Yakee

Yakee Musical Girl
Eng. Ch. Stsanja Grand Finale At Yakee
Yakee Held In Readiness

Pequest Georgette
Ch. Yakee Forward Step At Pleiku SOD Eng. Ch. Stsanja Step By Step SOD
Yakee Diamonds Forever

Pequest Krispy Kreme
BIS Eng Ch. Yakee A Dangerous Liaison
Yakee Vintage Bubbly




Ch. Pequest Little Miss Sunshine

Salilyn's Social Status

BIS Ch. Briarcourt's Damien Gable SOD BIS CH. Briarcourt's Coral Gable
Briarcourt's Cristle Collage

Ch. Pequest Social Butterfly
Ch. Kings Court Social Lion
Pequest Kuanyin

Ch. Pequest Martha

BIS Ch. Linn-Lee's St Martin BIS Ch. Muhlin Monopoly
Linn-Lee's Dance With Mandy

Ch. Pequest April Showers
Salilyn's Social Status
Yakee Vintage Bubbly