Ch. Pequest Derby
Ch Yakee Easily Persuaded X Ch Pequest Henny Penny




Ch. Yakee Easily Persuaded


Eng Ch Yakee And Don't Forget It

Eng Ch Livanda Santana
Eng Ch Livanda Micklee Ginola
Livanda Fatal Attraction

Eng Ch Yakee Forget Me Not
Eng. Ch. Pekehuis Pure Gold of Tenling
Yakee Charlotte

Eng Ch Yakee Follow This
Eng Ch Livanda Micklee Ginola Eng Ch Livanda Micklee Mataho
Stsanja I Believe at Livanda

Yakee Charlotte
Yakee Lasting Impression
Yakee Jezebel




Ch. Pequest Henny Penny

Ch. Palacegarden Malachy

Palacegarden Mccafferty Eng. Ch. Palacegarden Donovan
Livanda Gucci of Palacegarden

Palacegarden Tansy
Eng. Ch. Palacegarden Sullivan
Palacegarden Saffron

Pequest Sweet Caroline

Eng & BIS Am Ch. Yakee If Only Eng. Ch. Yakee A Dangerous Liaison
Yakee Musical Girl

Pequest Georgette
Ch. Yakee Forward Step at Pleiku SOD
Pequest Krispy Kreme