Ch. Pequest April Showers




Salilyn's Social Status

BIS Ch. Briarcourt's Damien Gable SOD

BIS Ch. Briarcourt's Coral Gable
Ch. Briarcourt's Rule Britannia
Ch. Mahjong Marvina Gable

Briarcourt's Cristle Collage
Ch. St Aubrey Yu Tong of Elsdon
Briarcourt's Waltz'g Matilda

Ch. Pequest Social Butterfly
Ch. Kings Court Social Lion Ch. Ai Kou Chances Are SOD
Ch. Cambalu Kings Court Mandoline

Pequest Kuanyin
BIS Ch. Briarcourt's Damien Gable SOD
Claymore Wedding Belle




Yakee Vintage Bubbly

Eng. Ch. Yakee The Young Eagle Calls

Eng. Ch. Stsanja Grand Finale At Yakee Eng. Ch. Yakee For Your Eyes Only
Stsanja Second Time Around

Yakee Come And Get Me
Shiarita Bobby Shafto
Eng. Ch Yakee The Hoi Polloi

Pendenrah Eye Shadow

Pendenrah Charles Eng. Ch. Tomdor Randolph At Singlewell
Pendenrah Pamela

Pendenrah Ly-Zinnia
Wanscara Clicquot
Pendenrah Ly-Zara